What do your prospects think about your cold e-mails?

No one likes getting junk or spam e-mails, so why would you send them right? Using a generic e-mail template without a meaningful message will certainly result in your prospect hitting the delete button on your e-mail.

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Don’t fall into the boring e-mail trap. Get your e-mails read.

The whole purpose of an e-mail campaign is to get your prospects interested in what you have to sell, to start a dialogue, or to buy your product or service. Don’t waste your time on generic e-mail templates that start with “Follow up call”.

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How our custom cold email campaigns are different.

When we craft our e-mail campaigns for you, each has a unique message and benefit that prompts a response.
You’ll never get stale or boring e-mails that are immediately deleted. We have a unique method for how each e-mail is written, and the sequence in which they are designed. Our e-mail campaigns are market tested to ensure that prospects open and respond to your e-mails.

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Here’s an example of e-mail campaign results from recent clients…

  • 442 qualified leads generated for an established online retailer.
  • 297 qualified leads generated for a credit card company.
  • 118 qualified leads generated for a life insurance company.
  • 98 qualified leads generated for a home mortgage company.
  • 51 qualified leads generated for a software consulting company.

How often do your cold emails get responses like this?

“Hello Dave,

I commend you on your persistence. I get hundreds of e-mails a week from sales folks hocking their wares, and making promises that have little to no value. I was impressed by the series of e-mails and unique messages that genuinely peaked my interest. I would like to set up a time to talk to you about the unique Supply Chain mobility technology solution you briefly mentioned in one of your e-mails. I’ll have Cynthia send over a calendar invite to set up a call with you next week.
Trever S.
Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain/Logistics”

Get more prospect meetings, and start making a difference to your bottom line.